Tomoe is the NFT marketplace built on Tomochain focusing on best user experience to Create, Buy, Sell and use NFT.
Non-fungible token have been appearing in the news since late last year for mind-blowing reasons: Grimes selling digital art pieces for up to $6 million, Jack selling his first-ever tweet, and the Beeple NFT that sold for about $6.6 million. The market has raged on, with over 1198% increase in total market cap from last year and more celebrities auctioning their flagship NFT to suppoerter's.
Regardless of the inflated expectations surrounding the space, it is crucial to understand the potential drawbacks to full adoption. This article briefly highlights the NFT, the existing NFT marketplaces and their shortfalls, and why Tomoe: an upcoming marketplace is an ideal fit.
What is Tomoe?
Tomoe is an NFT Marketplace that will be built on the Tomochain Ecosystem and the token will also be traded on the Tomochain (TRC-20) and ERC-20 base Dex.
We know that the shining Tomochain star undoubtedly needs an NFT Marketplace, For this reason, we hope that the Tomoe platform will be in a good place in terms of the NFT Market in the near future and in the long term.
Tomoe Features
Tomoe is the most straightforward one-stop marketplace for all kinds of NFTs on the Tomochain. You can create, buy and collect your art pieces on the network in the most simplified way to rake in huge sums in profit.
Buy & Collect NFT
Tomoe is the go-to marketplace for top-quality NFTs. Create a profile, fund your wallet with Tomo, and explore a variety of NFTs on the homepage. You can acquire artworks, memes, unique photographs, music, and even game items. Pay less than a dollar in gas fees to purchase, within seconds, an NFT that can potentially fetch thousands in returns.
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